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We are three Australian mate-aroonies trying to make a fantabulous fantastico game. We'll try to fit this in between fighting kangaroos, riding emus and wrestling giant crocs. The game will quite possibly focus on bees. One of us really has some sort of fascination with bee games.
pufuwozu gravy_lips Urser

Screenshot of finished game


Bronze Award for Globular Physics
Presented by Strings

Most superelastic secretion
Presented by mauve

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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.6

13% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 20
Files: Uploader Date
blank_page-1.0.zipfinal 2.13 Mbytes pufuwozu 2010/04/03 20:40
Final submission
Screenshot-Blank Page.png 22.75 Kbytes pufuwozu 2010/04/03 20:24
Screenshot of finished game
MockupJelly.PNG 25.48 Kbytes pufuwozu 2010/04/02 06:37
Sprite Mockup

Saturday 10 April, 2010

[ pufuwozu @ 23:08 ] Blank Page on YouTube

Hi everyone, I've uploaded some videos of our game to YouTube.

Here's the intro video, revealing some of the storyline:

Here's me playing the first level:

And here's me dying on the first level:

Monday 05 April, 2010

[ pufuwozu @ 00:05 ] AAAAAAH! Can't upload py2exe

Uploads were disabled as soon as I pressed the upload button!

I just wanted to add the py2exe version of our game. I've uploaded it here, instead:

Sorry for the 10 second lateness.

Friday 02 April, 2010

[ pufuwozu @ 06:50 ] Mockup Graphics

We've just posted the first mockup:

Click here for a full resolution. Graphics courtesy of Urser. The characters are Jellyfish (they wibble) and the main character can shoot jelly (which wobble).

I've currently programmed in collision detection and projectile physics with some random sprites found on the Internet. I'm going to switch over to the above sprites soon.