PyWeek - Mount Fuji

Climb mountains like a real ninja - using only your strength and your ninja rope, while suicidal goats pose a serious threat to your life. climb, swing, fly, die... what's your destiny?
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yay rope physics


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ingamescreenshot.png 23.20 Kbytes oneup 2007/04/07 02:08
yay rope physics
ninja.gif 474.00 bytes oneup 2007/04/07 00:35
ninja gfx v3
nina_animated.gif 389.00 bytes oneup 2007/04/07 00:35
animations vbeta
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mount fuji masterplan
screenshot_20070406_102600.png 10.36 Kbytes chrysn 2007/04/06 08:27
another screenshot
Picture 1.png 5.48 Kbytes oneup 2007/04/02 16:32
pixel landscape collision detection
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Team Logo

Sunday 08 April, 2007

[ oneup @ 02:10 ] unfortunately

our main coder collapsed due to sleep deprivation, our second coder also switched to a series of tubes (which also unfortunately seems to have no final entry) and our graphics guy is "busy" getting lost in a million other projects (and the internet). damn - no finished entry this time!

but the spirit of the game lives on... as 2m tall wall graphic!

and the whole team had a great time hacking away for pyweek. yay!

Friday 06 April, 2007

[ oneup @ 23:40 ] pixel graphics - serious business!

While chrysn and nex are hacking away on the game logic, I'm busy redoing our graphics.

Yay for pixel ninjas... but which one to use?

[ oneup @ 15:29 ] throwing more money and manpower at a project...

when problems seem to big just throw more money and manpower at a project and see how it doesn't help.

we started with eight developers on our team;

  • two started a seperate game - Series of Tubes
  • one resorted to documenting the development process (video in progress)
  • one resorted to writing useless diary entries, stopped coding and now does graphics (hello)
  • one build our core game framework and now takes care of public relations
  • one person does sound effects
  • and two actually still code for the game. (our heros)

will this work out? maybe not in 7 days, but our vision is grand, and we're ready to finish it at any cost. :P

Monday 02 April, 2007

[ oneup @ 00:33 ] pyweek without knowing python? yes!

i've joined pyweek without knowing a single line of pygame or python. three hours after opening the pygame tutorial i've written the foundation of a worms-like pixel based landscape engine. yay! :) madness? this is metalab!