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Look an mmorpg :)
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pyramid online


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Overall: 2.8
Fun: 2.2
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 2.9

10% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 25
Files: Uploader Date
pyramid_online_prefinal.zipfinal 3.33 Mbytes Treeform 2007/04/07 22:19
pyramidonline.png 770.26 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/07 22:05
pyramid online
close do being done.png 390.91 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/07 08:10
close to being done
pyramid-mmorpg.png 318.94 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/05 04:34
wow looking much better and much faster :)
mobs.png 198.16 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/04 07:20
Mobs are here!
hkdsfjlsafd.png 270.66 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/03 23:21
Well now we can move together on the server
Screenshot-5.png 142.57 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/02 03:52
Got chat working yey!
Screenshot-4.png 178.55 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/01 21:26
the only way to win to to own the top fo the pyromid
left is winning.png 102.47 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/01 19:48
left is winnig on this one ... hmmm
pyramid-mmorts.jpg 68.02 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/01 18:35
well this is how the game should look like if we dicide to make it ...
Screenshot-1.png 137.36 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/01 18:15
I dont think we are shure what kind of game are we making ... grrr may be this is not the right direciton ...
Screenshot.png 117.44 Kbytes Treeform 2007/04/01 17:37
first shot

Thursday 05 April, 2007

[ Treeform @ 04:36 ] mmorpg - day4

well we have good progress in couple of hours we will have units moving and killing us ... one more day of coding and another couple days of coding and one day of testing and we will be done!

Monday 02 April, 2007

[ Treeform @ 04:49 ] well end of day 2

the end of day 2 is finished i think we figured out what kind of a game we will make ... an mmorpg no less set in side a pyramid where you make your way to the top with the help of others that are also traped there ... we got chat and map working. Server setup. now just the actual game need to be made. thats all

Wednesday 07 March, 2007

[ Treeform @ 19:04 ] mmorts looking for team members

Any one want to join to make an network strategy game?

I am kinda leaning on making "online risk like board game" engine with different games/mods which contain rules,maps,ai,and sounds. All in a networking package with ability to quickly make or cone other board games similar to risk,supremacy,axes and allies, or conquest of the empire.

On the exact details cant say yet because no theme has been chosen yet. But form bunnies, to wild cards, to terminators, board games can do them all

mmorts is just for fun, i think it is more like an "otg" but it does not matter...