PyWeek - Vortex Racers

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Race clockwork vehicles around a track, avoiding the dangerous meteorological phenomenon.
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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.3
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 2.7

36% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14
Files: Uploader Date 2.35 Mbytes scav 2007/09/23 11:11
After-challenge fixed version
vracers-0.6.22.zipfinal 2.35 Mbytes scav 2007/09/08 21:50
Vortex Racers (really final)
vracers-shot-Fri-9.jpg 67.23 Kbytes scav 2007/09/07 11:56
On the starting line

Sunday 23 September, 2007

[ scav @ 00:22 ] 36% DNW! Aaah!

Bottom half of the table. I am crushed :-)

I should be happy though, because the main reason I do pyweek is to test and debug my game graphics library. So I suppose I have some work to do...

The other comments about camera position and steering were, sadly, completely fair :-(

Saturday 08 September, 2007

[ scav @ 21:54 ] Whew!

Last minute disaster recovery. I was doing something that worked by accident on my Linux machine but crashed on windows.

Thanks to Joe for his scepticism.

Oh and while walking back from his house slightly drunk, I figured out what was causing my performance problem. Back to 60fps for me!

I think the word is "woohoo". If that's a word.

[ scav @ 19:23 ] Done!

I'm off to drink a few cans.

I could mess with it more, but it isn't going to get any better and I might break something.

Friday 07 September, 2007

[ scav @ 12:52 ] For those with low fps

python2.5 --snow
This option turns off most of the textures, which should help out those with slow hardware.

Thursday 06 September, 2007

[ scav @ 22:03 ] Day 4, and a playable game


For a couple of days there, OpenGL was NOT my friend.

Now I need to do some level design and maybe add some of the stuff that I thought I would never be able to fit in (e.g. music).

Friday 20 July, 2007

[ scav @ 06:58 ] Pyweek again! Woohoo!

Now I can do nothing except think of mad game ideas for the next month! Fingers crossed for a good theme...

Good luck to everyone, and hoping for a fine crop of silliness this year.